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Chef Susan Spicer on Food, Music, and the Magic of New Orleans

Her bold cooking has become synonymous with the city

Chef Susan Spicer is the chef/owner of three restaurants in New Orleans — Bayona, Mondo, and Rosedale — and her food has become synonymous with the city. Her path to the kitchen is detailed in today’s featured video from the Southern Foodways Alliance documentary series.

Spicer first moved to New Orleans as a child, and it felt like home right away. It wasn’t the food that first drew her in, though. “Even as a 6- or 7-year-old, the New Orleans music really spoke to me and it has ever since. I think that’s what made me really fall in love with being here.”

Spicer’s cooking style has a variety of influences, including some gathered from training with chef Daniel Bonnot at Louis XVI, a classic New Orleans establishment, but she mainly credits her adventurous palate to her mother. Watch the above video for more.

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