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Cooking the Ultimate Prime Rib in 90-Day Aged Beef Fat

The Meat Show heads to Mu Ramen in NYC for one wild beef experiment

Professional carnivore Nick Solares loves two things: dry-aged beef and prime rib. This week on The Meat Show, he visits Mu Ramen in Long Island City where chef Joshua Smookler helps him combine those joys.

Smookler loves dry-aged prime rib, but he doesn’t think other chefs have taken it far enough. His goal is to create the ultimate prime rib experience. According to him, when a piece of meat has been aged 45 to 90 days, “the flavor components aren’t quite there.” In the name of experimentation, Smookler decided to age this piece for 200 days.

To take this insane piece of meat even further over the top, Smookler cooks it confit-style in a vat of 20 quarts of rendered dry-aged beef fat. The result is an earth-shatteringly rich piece of meat that truly isn’t available anywhere else.

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