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These Are the Fanciest Disney-Themed Desserts Ever

At Disney World, Amorette’s Patisserie takes the theme park sugar rush to new heights

Sugar might be a standard order at an amusement park, but high-end pastry isn’t exactly the norm. In this episode of Consumed, theme park journalist Carlye Wisel takes Eater through Amorette’s Patisserie, the French cake shop bringing a whole new dessert game to Disney World.

Without a doubt, the show-stoppers at Amorette’s are the giant, beautiful Mickey Mouse Dome cakes. They’re made of layered cake and mousse, topped with buttercream, and finished with a glistening red glaze. The finished product resembles an abstract Mickey, and somehow manages to look both cartoonish and elegant.

Wisel tasted her way through some miniature versions of the bakery’s offerings, and was uniformly impressed — but the mini Mickey cake won out. “As someone who has eaten every Mickey-shaped food that exists,” she says, “this might be my favorite.”

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