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This Beer Hall Can Help You Apply For Canadian Citizenship

The Canuck pop-up is a cheery escape from reality for weary Americans

The Great Canadian Beer Hall

For a variety of reasons, there seems to be a growing American interest in moving to Canada. If that seems a little too complicated, the next best thing may be this Canadian-themed pop-up bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The Great Canadian Beer Hall is the brainchild of chef and native Canadian Amanda Cohen. The pop-up is hosted every Monday night in Cohen’s hit vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy, but with the space itself completely transformed. Canadian flags abound, the bar is stocked with Canadian beer, and a dreamy oil painting of Canada’s dreamy prime minister Justin Trudeau presides over the entire scene. The bar also includes Mountie hats, moose heads, and a “NAFTA special” on drinks.

Patrons can enjoy Canadian delicacies like poutine and Nanaimo bars, catch up on professional hockey, and even watch an episode of Degrassi in the bathroom. Major bonus: Just in case fleeing to Canada sounds seriously appealing, the menus are all printed on the back of Canadian immigration forms.

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