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This Disney World Restaurant Offers Fine Dining on a Massive Scale

‘Consumed’ visits a rare Magic Kingdom restaurant, with a menu as diverse as the park’s many visitors

Skipper Canteen Restaurant

In this episode of Consumed, host and theme park journalist Carlye Wisel stops by the Jungle Skipper Canteen Restaurant, located right next to the Jungle Skipper Cruise ride in the Magic Kingdom of the Walt Disney World resort.

Chef Nick Crispino has been with Disney for 16 years, and describes working in their restaurants as “very fast paced” — he sometimes serves over 1,400 customers a day. At the canteen, his menu pays homage to the adjacent Jungle Skipper Cruise, which takes visitors on a fictional journey through the Nile, the Amazon, and the Congo rivers.

That fantastical trip manifests on the menu in a range of internationally inspired dishes. Wisel got to sample some of the fare, and was impressed with the level of nuance: The restaurant’s char siu pork is a three-day process, and the most popular dish, the sea shumai, is made by hand every day. This type of attention to detail is far from typical for restaurants in Disney’s Magic Kingdom; watch the video above to learn more.

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