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Trailer: Eating Your Way Through Disney World, a Multi-Part Series

Watch Eater’s new video guide to the world’s most iconic theme park

Consumed in Disney

Imagine the food at Disney World. It’s all turkey legs, chicken nuggets, and corn dogs, right? Theme park journalist (yes, really) Carlye Wisel disagrees. Look closely, she argues, and there’s actually a wide range of internationally-inspired dishes, artful plating, and high-end ingredients just waiting to be discovered.

In this multi-episode installment of Consumed, Wisel tours the best culinary experiences that Disney World has to offer. She’s a bonafide theme park professional who’s traveled to resorts all around the world, and has developed a sixth sense for separating the sensational from the so-so.

According to Wisel, navigating the culinary landscape of a theme park isn’t so different from any other city. “To find the food that’s worth spending your time on, you really have to take the time to seek out these places,” she says. Follow along for an insider look at the world of restaurants inside Disney World.

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