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Meet Flynn McGarry, NYC's Youngest Chef

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His tasting menu is $160 per person

Flynn McGarry is the youngest chef in NYC’s fine-dining scene. At the age of just 17, he’s serving a 16-course tasting menu at Eureka, a pop-up hosted at the chef’s counter inside Kava, which is a European-style cafe by day. McGarry’s food is imaginative and delicious, with courses that include dishes like sea water-brined urchin with carrots and Ritz crackers. The cost of the tasting menu is $160 per person. A wine pairing is an extra $90, but unfortunately for McGarry, he isn’t old enough to drink any.

He may be young, but he’s certainly not inexperienced. When he was just 13 years old, NBC Nightly News called him “one of the hottest chefs in America.” In the past few years, he’s hosted pop-ups at high-end venues like Eleven Madison Park in NYC and Maeemo in Norway. Of course, some chefs are skeptical of McGarry’s ability to pull this off, but there’s no disputing that he’s managed to assemble an impressive resume at a very young age. Watch him plate his tasting menu above.

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