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Watch: Is a Salad Cutter Worth Your Time and Money?

‘You Should Do This’ tests an informercial favorite — the salad cutter — versus a knife

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Easier, faster, healthier is the motto of the everyday unitasker, but are some of these promises completely empty? The object in question in this episode of You Should Do This is the EZ Salad Cutting Bowl — a slotted bowl totting the promise of "healthy and fresh salads in 60 seconds."

Much like a knife can’t guarantee anything it cuts will be “healthy” or “fresh,” a cutting bowl can’t really deliver on the claim, either. So what we will test here is the speed and accuracy of the 60-second claim, putting the salad cutter up against some simple knife work. Using the exact same ingredients for each bowl will help us answer if spending $14.99 on the EZ Salad Cutting Bowl is something you should do.

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