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Watch: Dallas Barbecue Enthusiasts Go Nuts for the Brisket at This Smokehouse

‘Cult Following’ heads to local favorite Pecan Lodge

Ask a Texan what their favorite smokehouse is and the answers will span the state. Ask someone from Dallas, and chances are you’ll hear the name Pecan Lodge thrown around. With the help and desire of their fans, Pecan Lodge owners Justin and Diane Fourton turned their brisket-out-of-a-truck business into a brick and mortar restaurant that’s hard to miss — thanks to a constant line out the door.

In this episode of Cult Following, a look at the menu items that keep locals and visitors returning to the barbecue joint, located in Dallas’ historic Deep Ellum neighborhood. The most impressive item and arguably the only way to go is to order the Trough, a $75 platter that serves four to five and comes with one beef rib, one pound of pork ribs, one pound of brisket, a half pound of pulled pork, and three sausage links. No matter your order, Pecan Lodge is always worth the wait.

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