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Watch: How Bon Bons Get Their Colorful, Glossy Sheen

‘The Process’ learns the ropes at NYC’s Stick With Me Sweets

New York City confectioner shop Stick With Me Sweets offers a menu of bon bons —aka small candies coated in chocolate — with more than two dozen, wildly varied options: peanut butter and jelly coated in milk chocolate; liquid salted caramel encased in dark chocolate; kalamansi merignue pie filling inside a white chocolate. But what they all have in common are a gorgeous, glossy exterior, achieved in a decorative process that applies everything by hand.

This episode of The Process reveals exactly how bon bons are created. The colorful shell exteriors are achieved using edible paint (applied on the mold itself with a brush, or through speckling edible paint onto the molds); from there, the tray of bon bon are sent through a tempered chocolate machine, with the excess scraped off. After each is filled with its desired interior, another layer tempered chocolate goes on top to seal the bonbons into their colorful casings.

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