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Watch: Egg Tarts and Mango Bread Star at This Taiwanese Bakery Chain

‘Cult Following’ heads to 85 Degrees Celsius for flaky pastries and boba tea

Taiwanese pastries are more prevalent than ever, but one chain with hundreds of locations attracts a major crowd. In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai visits 85 Degrees Celsius Bakery, a chain serving egg tarts, cheesy hot dog buns, and boba tea. Joining her at the bakery’s Torrance, California location are two more fans of the chain and very special guests: Hudson Yang, star of ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat, and his father Jeff Yang, a prolific Taiwanese-American columnist.

When a new 85 Degrees opens in the U.S., people line up for hours for a taste of home. “They actually do very authentic stuff,” says the elder Yang of the brand’s appeal, “but they also do some twists on the authentic Taiwanese versions.” Watch as the trio tear into taro buns, boroh danishes, and more.

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