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Watch: A Showstopping Chicharron Served High Above Central Park

‘The Meat Show’ visits the Aviary, an experimental cocktail lounge

The Meat Show heads to the top of the Mandarin Oriental in Manhattan, where experimental cocktail lounge the Aviary is serving cheaper cuts of pork high above Central Park. Pork belly and pig skin are often thought of as throwaways, but the fancy Chicago-based bar with a Michelin background is playing with that narrative.

Executive chef Dan Perretta describes the process behind his giant chicharron as relatively simple, but what arrives at the table is a definitive showstopper: host Nick Solares dubs it the “best chicharron anyone has ever had.” There’s a pork belly dish too, which is a riff on a classic Alinea dish Perretta fell in love with in Chicago. Both are equally delicate and ornate, and unlike anything seen on The Meat Show before.

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