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Watch: Black Truffles and Caviar Make the Fanciest Omelette Ever

All you need is a pan, a stove... and $300 worth of ingredients

Sometimes on You Can Do This, we use a lot of fancy equipment: Sous vide machines, high-tech hot plates, lots and lots of power tools, and yes, we understand that some of those things are just impractical. Although practicality is not exactly the through-line of the show, in this episode, we toss the tech out the door to make an simple omelette — a simple omelette that has mushrooms “striped” in the eggs and an obscene amount of truffles and caviar. Of course.

The omelette has two parts: an outer shell, and an inner portion of soft scrambled eggs. The stripes in the shell are made by cooking down a pound of “fancy-ass” mushrooms, shaving black truffles in, and turning the mixture into a puree. The puree is then reinforced with egg white powder and egg yolk powder to help the mixture hold together. By the simple use of a cut-out baking mat and a pastry comb, you can rake stripes into the puree. Then, cook the striped outer shell in the oven in a non stick pan.

From there, it’s simple: Soft scramble some eggs add a dollop of creme fraiché (for extra creaminess), and wrap the strip shell around it. Then finish with a dollop, or in our case the whole tin, of caviar. Practical? Maybe with equipment, but like I said, never really the through-line of the show.

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