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Watch: Should You Make Homemade Mayonnaise?

‘You Should Do This’ tests homemade versus store-bought

Condiments are a staple, but making them is not. In most cases, store-bought condiments are the right way to go — for ease, price, and a little thing called shelf life. Making mustard is tedious, bottled ketchup is pretty unbeatable, and homemade hot sauce rarely works out.

But there are a few that walk the line, namely, mayonnaise. In this episode of You Should Do This: a battle of wits that pits homemade mayonnaise against store-bought. Price and shelf life are big factors to consider here, because, besides moments when you are making a tub of potato salad, when are you using a lot of mayonnaise? My early vote is for homemade mayonnaise, but let’s test it to be sure.

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