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Watch: The Shop That Makes Over 2,000 Pieces of Pasta Per Day

‘The Process’ heads to Famiglia Baldassarre in Toronto to see how it’s made

Out of a basement kitchen on Toronto’s College Street, Leandro Baldassarre created his pasta shop Famiglia Baldassarre, displeased by the pasta he was having in Toronto after spending time in Italy. Nowadays, Baldassarre’s family-run shop is providing filled pastas, eggless pastas, long egg pastas, and more to Toronto’s most discerning chefs.

In this episode of The Process, a look at how the Baldassarres prepare one of the most popular stuffed varieties of the season: tortelli di zucca, or pumpkin ravioli. Local Ontario squash is mixed in with spices and Parmigiano-Reggiano before it finds its place into each raviolo. Each is filled and cut by hand, and one of the more than 2,000 pieces of pasta Famiglia Baldassarre makes daily.

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