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Watch: A Crispy, Complex Lasagna Loaded With Smoked Duck

‘The Meat Show’ heads to NYC’s Pig Bleecker for some intentionally charred pasta

This week, The Meat Show visits New York City’s gussied-up barbecue joint Pig Bleecker, where chef Matt Abdoo makes a dish that (perhaps surprisingly) draws cravings from host Nick Solares. Pig Bleecker’s menu includes options like a giant tomahawk rib steak, a bucket’s worth of fried chicken, a double-stacked burger, and hot dogs in donut blankets, yet it’s the duck lasagna (yep, pasta) that captivates our host more than any other meaty delight.

“You can tell there’s duck in this ragu,” notes Abdoo as he layers the duck, which is smoked, cooked into confit, then added into red sauce, before it’s stacked stop sheets of pasta and bechamel. “It’s more meat [than] sauce.” As Solares tucks in, he again emphasizes why the dish is worth of a mention on The Meat Show: Unlike other sad ragus where the meat is often lost, this lasagna has “got a real bite to it.”

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