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Watch: Making Venison Coca-Cola Stew From Ted Nugent’s Cookbook

A recipe for ‘candied meat’ on ‘Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes’

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Welcome back to Real Chefs Cook Dumb Recipes — a video series where chefs with varying accolades attempt the recipes created by non-chefs, people with literally zero culinary experience who still manage to publish cookbooks that are allowed to be sold to the public.

In this episode, owners of New York City’s Meat Hook Brent Young and Ben Turley pick a recipe from Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Fish and Game by Ted Nugent and his wife Shemane. Gleaned from a chapter dubbed “I like mine rare, but not that rare” is a recipe for venison Coca-Cola stew by Shemane, who’s meat-tenderizing techniques are greatly sought after. Young and Turley follow the horrifyingly sweet Nugent family recipe, which includes two cans of Coca-Cola, carrots, and a jar of chutney.

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