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Watch: A New Take on Sweet, Spicy Korean Fried Chicken

‘K-Town’ visits New York’s Ms. Yoo for a whole bird stuffed with glutinous rice

Other than Korea itself, which has the ability to adapt and morph its cuisine on its own terms, New York City is the hotbed of a modern approach to Korean cooking. In this episode of K-Town, host Matthew Kang meets chef and restaurateur Esther Choi at her newest spot, Ms. Yoo. Choi is quickly becoming a well-known face of Korean cooking in New York thanks to Mokbar — her duo of Korean ramyun shops — and this swanky Lower East Side newcomer named after her grandmother.

Kang joins Choi in the kitchen to prepare her take on whole Korean fried chicken, a play on a dish Choi’s grandmother used to make everything Thanksgiving. It’s the first time Kang has had the chance to help prepare and understand a modern Korean dish. The result: a beautifully browned chicken stuffed with glutinous rice that’s spicy and perfectly tender. It makes for an impressive meal.

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