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Watch: This Brooklyn Tortilla Factory Makes Over One Million Tortillas Per Day

A mesmerizing amount of machinery is involved

In the North Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, one factory dedicated to making traditional Mexican-style products estimates that it produces about one million tortillas every day. Called Tortilleria Chinantla, the facility opened in 1992, and was at first operated by owner Erasmo Ponce Felipe and just four employees. The early days of using only 45,000 pounds of flour per month are long gone; now, over 20 years into business, Tortilleria Chinantla goes through 22 tons of flour each day, and ships their products to 11 states. Watch the video above to see the facility at work, churning out 6-inch tortilla rounds in an entrancing fashion.

For another mesmerizing factory video — this time a peek into Sun Noodle’s 10,000-square-foot ramen production facility in Teterboro, New Jersey — click below:

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