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Watch: When Alton Brown Wants Doughnuts, He Gets 150 Doughnuts

The "Eat Your Science" star asked his fans for baked goods, and boy did they deliver

When Alton Brown asks for baked goods, the people — specifically, the people of Providence, Rhode Island — deliver. On this segment of On Tour With Alton Brown, the Eater crew continues their behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with the culinary superstar as he travels across the country performing the live show "Eat Your Science," today focusing on one especially delicious aspect of his routine.

Using the hashtag #ABRoadEats, Brown connects with his fans in each new city his visits, crowdsourcing coffee shops, lunch spots, and not-to-miss food items. After putting out a call to his followers to bring doughnuts from a local hot spot to his trailer (promising an "Eat Your Science" hat as payment), Brown returns from a lunch outing to find not one hat-hopeful and baked good-bearing fan but many — 150, to be precise. Will Brown be able to eat that many classic glazed, and more importantly, does he have enough hats? Watch the video above to find out.

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