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It Should Go Without Saying, but Please Don’t Scam Restaurants Right Now

People are using credit card disputes to get free meals and it’s putting restaurants out of business

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Stop Torturing Yourself With Quarantine Diets

Another Gelinaz! Shuffle Chef Posted Seemingly Racist Content to Instagram

Chef in International Culinary Event Celebrates With a Racist Selfie

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Sexist Man Sues Creator of Sexist Beer

Acclaimed Pastry Chef Deletes Racist Easter Egg Instagram Following Backlash

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A Hooters Wing Shop Is Opening in Reynoldstown and People Aren’t Happy

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Parrot Heads Will Soon Waste Away at Margaritaville in Downtown Atlanta

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The ‘Brexit Burger’ Is London’s Latest Restaurant Tribute to Current Affairs

Bay Area Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment Apologizes After Tone-Deaf First Apology

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Brewdog’s Donald Trump Debacle Is Shocking But Not Surprising

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Brewdog Apparently Had No Idea Its Friends Would Endorse Trump with Beer

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Atlanta Brewery’s ‘Free Beer For Trump Supporters’ UK Stunt Backfires

Australian Brewery Releases — Then Pulls — Beer Named ‘Pussy Juice’

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Craft Beer Bros Behave Like Craft Beer Bros, Again

Connecticut Restaurant Removes Obscenely Offensive Cocktail ‘Tuskegee Experiment’ From Menu

A Brief History of Conservatives Owning the Libs With Food

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Soho Pub Whitewashes History During Refurbishment

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Owner of Thai Restaurant in the Middle of a Racism Storm Responds

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East London Thai Restaurant Fires Chef Following Revelations of Racist Side Gig

Papa John’s Founder Used Racial Slur on Conference Call [Updated]

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Popular London Pizza Restaurant in Common Sense Meltdown

Red Hen Restaurant Owner Doxxed After Kicking Out White House Press Secretary

Baltimore Dunkin’ Donuts Asks Customers to Rat Out Non-English-Speaking Staff

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Bad: Covent Garden Diner Launches Trump-Inspired ‘MAGA Burger’

Megyn Kelly Is Worried Starbucks Customers Will Have to ‘Deal With a Mass of Homeless People’

Twitter Unleashes Fury on Food Network Host Josh Denny Over ‘N-Word’ Comments

Moby Op-Ed Sparks Backlash for Arguing Food Stamps Shouldn’t Pay for ‘Junk’

Portland Chef Jenn Louis Recognizes Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death With a Photo of Fried Chicken [Updated]

McDonald’s Upends 10,000 Years of Patriarchy with One Weird Trick

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How the UK’s Biggest Craft Beer Brewery Got Its Gender Pay Gap Messaging So Wrong

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Sentimental Piece of Art Stolen from Cast Iron