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This Fall, Chains Are Trying to Make Apple Stuff Happen

Food Workers Spent the Past Year Giving Back Through Pop-Ups. What Happens When They Have to Go Back to Work?

Just Mandate the Vaccine for Indoor Dining Nationwide

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You Don’t Need to Pay $12 for Mac and Cheese Ice Cream. Make It Yourself Instead.

How to make Van Leeuwen’s savory-sweet flavor using Kraft mac and cheese

The 2021 Restaurant Aesthetic Is Optimistic, Nostalgic, and Vacation-Obsessed

‘Bursting Bubbles’ Is What Happens When Boba Goes Mainstream

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Vaccine Flair Could Be the ‘It’ Accessory in Restaurants This Summer

Enamel pins are a tiny, trendy way to let diners and workers know you’re safe when you no longer need your mask

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It Took a Pandemic to Make TV Dinners Truly Delicious

Why chefs are turning takeout meals into delightfully old-school TV dinners

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For Pop-Up Owners, a Crossroads as Restaurants Return

As the restaurant industry inches toward normalcy, many of those who launched pandemic-era pop-ups are wondering what’s next

DM to Purchase: Laid-Off Restaurant Workers Are Setting Up Shop On Instagram

For laid-off front of house workers, setting up shop on Instagram was a source of income and a way to nurture passions outside of restaurants

Internet Goes in on White-Owned Company That Claimed to Invent Whipped Coffee

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The Pastry Revolution Will Be Instagrammed

Instagram pop-up bakeries are a surprisingly exciting product of the pandemic. Nowhere are they more thrilling than in Los Angeles.

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Fast Food’s Retro Glow-Up

Brands like Burger King and KFC are reverting to retro logos in a nostalgia ploy, making you long for a time when your life was simpler

Spring’s Hottest Drop Is This New Shape of Pasta

"Cascatelli" is the result of one pasta-obsessed podcaster with a dream

The Hard Seltzer Trend Isn’t Stopping Any Time Soon

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Desperate Times Call for Elaborate Buttercream

How a new generation of social media-savvy bakers are breathing life into old-school cake decorating techniques

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A Different Kind of Room Service

With indoor dining still not an option in much of the country, hotel restaurants are using empty rooms as private dining suites

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Takeout Meal Subscriptions Are Helping Restaurants Find Stability in a Harsh Winter

For restaurants, takeout meal subscriptions offer mercifully predictable income. For diners, they create a much-needed disruption in a monotonous cooking-takeout cycle.

The Great Birria Boom

How two Mexican-American birrieros made the beloved dish a sensation in America

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What Are Hot Chocolate Bombs and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere?

The New TikTok Food Trend Is Cloud Bread, a Pillowy, Pastel Atkins Diet Staple

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CSAs for the 1 Percent

Some of America’s fanciest restaurants have become America’s fanciest groceries

Some Restaurants Are Making Permanent Pivots to Adapt to a New Normal

These chefs and owners are anticipating a world where diners and staff want to limit their time inside restaurants

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In Quarantine, the Budding of a Pastime: Growing Vegetable Scraps on Windowsills

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Miss Going Out to Restaurants? Here’s How to Make Takeout Feel Special.

Just because it came in a cardboard box doesn’t mean your dinner has to stay in one

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This Passover Is Not Like Other Passovers

The coronavirus pandemic will drastically reshape the holiday that, by definition, is about families coming together

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Is This the Start of a CSA Boom?

As home cooks practice social distancing, farm produce that skips the store makes sense

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Buy the Vibrant Tablecloths Brightening Up Restaurant Dining Rooms

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Can a Cheese Plate Change Your Life?

For cheese plate-influencer Marissa Mullen, the answer is a definitive yes

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Why Your Favorite Restaurant Also Has a Butcher Shop

The growing trend of restaurant and butcher shop hybrids brings diners closer to where their meat comes from

Forget Your Fiddle-Leaf Figs: 2020 Restaurant Decor Is All About the Booth Tree

In the Era of Good Hotel Restaurants, the NoMad-Humm Split Signals Change

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