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Death by a Thousand Service Fees

After years of artificially low menu prices, service fees feel like an inevitable, annoying part of dining out now

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Why the No-Tipping Movement Failed (and Why It Still Has a Chance)

Five years ago, both diners and restaurant workers pushed back against efforts to go tip-free — efforts that could play out differently in a post-pandemic world

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Why It’s So Hard for Restaurants to Go Tip-Free

Changing a restaurant’s tipping model is challenging, but Eater Young Gun Andrea Borgen (’16) is trying to address the pay gap

Can My Boss Ask Me to Share My Tips?

Almost Everyone Sucks in This Tale of a Man Who Tipped 74 Cents on a $119 Meal

Good Tippers Mobilize Around ‘Tip the Bill’ Hashtag Challenge

The No-Tipping Point

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Do You Know Where Your Tip Money Is Going?

Restaurants in most states are now permitted to share servers’ gratuities with cooks and other back-of-house employees

Restaurant Owners and Managers Cannot Keep Servers’ Tips, Per New Budget Bill

Republicans Remain Mostly Silent on Tipping Laws

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Tip-Pooling Regulations, Explained

Tip-Pooling Will Cost Workers Billions, According to Hidden Labor Department Data

What’s Next for Restaurant Tip-Pooling Laws?

Wealthy Nincompoop Wants to Tip Servers Less Due to $15 Minimum Wage

Everything That Happened With Tipping in 2017

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Trump Is About to Make Tip-Pooling Legal Again. Here’s What That Means for Restaurant Workers

Gratuities could be split between servers and cooks, or kept for the house

Tips for Jesus Identity Confirmed After Latest Mega-Gratuity

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The Creative, Risky Way One New York City Restaurant Is Adapting to Higher Costs

Danny Meyer, David Chang, Others Sued Over No-Tipping ‘Conspiracy’

A Denny’s Joke on Twitter About Non-Tippers Has Backfired Spectacularly

Update: Chef Susur Lee Apologizes for Withholding Tips in IOU System

Labor Department Moves to Allow Restaurants to Share Tips Between Cooks and Servers

Shaq Lets Restaurant Servers Dictate Their Own Generous Tips

New Data Shows Just How Unequal Tipping Can Be

Danny Meyer Says Tipping Is a Hoax That Fosters Inequality

Maine Governor Says State Will Delay Enforcement of Minimum Wage Increases

TipsForJesus Strikes Again by Dropping Five Grand in Chicago

Donald Trump Left an $83 Tip on Coffee and Pastries in Miami

Your Cool Uncle Joe Biden Tipped $20 on a $3 Milkshake

Millionaire Football Player Stiffs Server, Server Gets Fired

TipsForJesus Leaves $5,000 Tip at a Utah Steakhouse

Diner Accidentally Tips More Than a Million Dollars