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The Week in Eater National

JBF Semifinalists, Bad Tippers, Eater Young Guns, & More

Hottest Chefs, David Kinch, Best New Restaurants, More

Pizza Hut's $10K Engagement Party, Next vs ElBulli, More

Sara Moulton, Wylie Dufresne, Princess Bride Wine, More

The Toughest Reservations, Eater Philly & Vegas, More

Bourdain on Paula Deen's Diabetes, Phone Stacking, More

Spring Cookbooks, Chefs on Pros and Cons of TV, More!

Star Wars Hamburgers, a $100K Bar Tab, Martha Stewart Show Cancelled, and More

Airport Dining Guides, The Next Iron Chef, Olive Garden's Culinary Crimes, and More!

No Reservations Xmas Episode, Chefs on Reviews, More!

Enrique Olvera, Sean Brock, Will Ferrell, and More!

Heston Blumenthal, Wolfgang Puck vs Starbucks, More

The 2011 Eater Awards, The Simpsons, Corey Lee, More!

Mario BataliGate, Bourdain on Letterman, and More!

Top Chef Texas, Gordon Ramsay Sex Tips, and More!

René Redzepi, Alton Brown, In-N-Out-By-Mail, and More!