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Now You Can Tweet Emojis at Google for Recipes and Restaurant Recommendations

Domino’s Nixes Reindeer Delivery, Confirms Santa Doesn’t Exist

Cheetos-Branded Accessories Are Selling Like Cheesy Hotcakes

Cheetos-Branded Bronzer Makes it Easy to be Cheesy

A Pop-Up Restaurant Is Planned for Everest Base Camp

'Super Size Me’ Star Morgan Spurlock Is Opening His Own Fast Food Joint

Cleveland Bar Concocts World’s Largest Daiquiri

‘Gilmore Girls’ Ice Cream Is Here to Fuel Your Netflix Revival Binge

A Food Truck Serving ‘Donald Trump’s BS’ Is Popping Up in Portland

Now You Can Supplant Rory Gilmore as the Ice Cream Queen of Stars Hollow

'Gilmore Girls' Fans Across the Country Lined Up to Visit Luke's Diner

Taco Bell to Transform Into Airbnb for One Salsa-Drenched Night Only

People Are Absolutely Freaking Out Over the Luke’s Diner Pop-Ups

Drink Free Coffee Like a Gilmore Girl at Hundreds of Luke’s Diner Pop-Ups Across America

Pizza Hut Panders to Budding DJs with Working Pizza Box Turntables

Slurpees Take to the Sky With 7-Eleven’s Drone Delivery

Naked Diners Eat Free at Berlin Restaurant

Change Your Last Name to 'Burger' and Get Free Food for Life

The Fascinating (and Infuriating) Experience of Dining in the Nude

Thousands of Breweries Collaborated to Make This One Craft Beer

World's Most Expensive Ramen Costs $180 or Its Weight in Gold

Rainbow Bagels and Crazy Milkshakes: What Happens When a Dish Goes Viral

Will Chipotle’s Free Food Giveaway Win Back Customers?

Trump, Sanders, Cruz Lampooned by Iowa Burger Restaurant

Man Who Ate Chipotle for 186 Days Calls It Quits

It's Thanksgiving Every Night at London's First Turkey-Only Restaurant

McDonald's-Themed Wedding Joins Couple in Holy McMatrimony

Australian Chicken Chain Lets an Actual Chicken Run Its Twitter Account

Korean Restaurant Sets Solo Diners Up on Surprise Blind Dates

Watch a Can of Beer Get Launched Into Space

Trippy New London Pop-Up Serves 200 Courses in 24 Hours

1,481 Intrepid Subway Employees Set a Sandwich Making World Record

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