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How to Do All Your Holiday Shopping at Target

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Gifts for the Host Who Gets Every Design Magazine

What to buy the person who delights in a good tablescape

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Olive Oil Never Needed a Rebrand — But It’s Getting One Anyway

Brands like Brightland, Graza, Fat Gold, and Rubirosa have brought the elusive element of coolness to the pantry staple

The Best Gift for Anyone and Everyone Is a Really Good Cup

Target’s Latest Collaboration Brings British Christmas to America

17 Gifts on Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Gifts for the Person Who Knows Food Is Always in Style

The coolest restaurant merch and food fashion to give this year

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The 2022 Eater Chicago Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for the Person Who Already Knows How to Use a Sous Vide

Twelve thoughtful gifts for the avid home cook

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The 2022 Eater LA Holiday Gift Guide

19 local gifts for food lovers

The Best Host Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

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Gifts for the Person Who’d Always Rather Be Eating

It’s hard to go wrong with a food gift

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The 2022 Eater NY Holiday Gift Guide

Pineapple soy sauce, bread mirrors, rice roll-themed merch, and more — all made in NYC

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The 2022 Eater Portland Holiday Gift Guide

Spice blends, teas, dishware, and more — all made in Oregon

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The 2022 Eater Boston Holiday Gift Guide

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The 2022 Eater San Francisco Holiday Gift Guide

Delicious local gift ideas for everyone on your list

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The Very Best Saucepans

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Meet the Underground Natural Wine Seller Delivering Hard-to-Find Bottles to East Bay Homes

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Meet the Artisan Whose Hand-Sewn Aprons Are a Favorite of San Francisco Bartenders and Chefs

This Soy Milk Machine Quickly Pays for Itself

It Took Less Than Two Weeks to Get Bottled Negroni Sbagliato

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The Best Bourbon Under $50

Honestly, I Love a Good Spork

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The Very Best Skillets

The October Prime Day Deals Eater Editors Are Actually Considering Buying

How I Got My Job: Creating America’s First Chic Tinned Fish Company

Maggi Seasoning Is Best When It’s (Kind of) a Secret

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Are You Ready for the 7-Eleven X Crocs Collab?

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The Any Occasion Add to Cart Gift Guide: Summer Edition

An updated list of recommendations from Eater’s shopping newsletter

The Best Pasta Shape Is Fusilli Corti Bucati

Food-Scented Candles Are the Latest Trend in Restaurant Merch

The Best Flour for Making Gravy Is Wondra

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