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Mario Batali Pleads Not Guilty to Assault and Battery of a Woman in Boston Restaurant

Joe Beef Restaurateurs Say They’ve Changed, but Bigger Strides Are Needed

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Canceling a Bad Man Is Just the Beginning

What the curious case of Paul Qui tells us about how the restaurant industry should handle accused chefs

Ken Friedman’s Latest Partnership Falls Apart

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When You See a Stranger Being Creepy in a Bar, the Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing

Advice from a bartender on how to make bars a safe space for workers and guests

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How Do We Punish Bad Men While Protecting Restaurant Workers?

The industry needs to step up and support workers stuck in the restaurants of disgraced men

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What Happens When a Restaurant’s Toxic Culture Reaches Customers?

Diners who experience inappropriate comments are often left with little recourse

NC Pizzeria Is Apparently Sticking by Ryan Adams-Themed Menu in Spite of Misconduct Allegations

All the Unanswered Questions We Have About Mario Batali

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Who’s Still Going to Restaurants Owned by Bad Men?

Deals fell through and foot traffic declined, but there are still people eating at the restaurants of accused men

Mar-a-Lago Pastry Chef Claims He Was Fired in Retaliation for Uncovering Sexual Harassment

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Mario Batali Reportedly Won’t Be Charged for 2 Alleged Assaults in NYC

The Year That Bad Men Wouldn’t Just Go Away

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Thomas Carter Is the First NYC Restaurateur to Cut Financial Ties After #MeToo Accusations

One Year After #MeToo, I Have No Regrets About Coming Forward

I was terrified when I publicly accused the Spotted Pig restaurateur Ken Friedman of sexual misconduct, but it was the right decision

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Disgraced Julian Niccolini Forced Out of Four Seasons Restaurant

Why Is OpenTable Still Profiting Off Mario Batali?

Mike Isabella’s Empire Is Done

Mario Batali Is Still Profiting From His Restaurants

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My Coworkers Turned on Me When I Reported a Chef to HR

I had a witness, I spoke up about what happened to me, but I was the one who ended up leaving

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The Fight for a Better Hospitality Industry Starts Here

How one organization is pushing against wage inequality, gender discrimination, and sexual harassment in restaurants across the country

Bay Area Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment Apologizes After Tone-Deaf First Apology

April Bloomfield Speaks Out About #MeToo and the Spotted Pig

Lipstick on the Spotted Pig

One year since #MeToo, accused men like Ken Friedman are still getting paid

Four Main Takeaways From New York Magazine’s Gabrielle Hamilton Profile

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Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Made a Reservation at Mario Batali’s Babbo Last Night

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Batali’s La Sirena to Close This Year After Months of Struggle from Misconduct Allegations

McDonald’s Workers Are Striking Today Over Sexual Harassment

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It’s Not Just ‘Kitchen Talk,’ It’s Abuse

Words can do lasting damage to restaurant workers. Stop making excuses.

Following Sexual Harassment Suit, DC Chef Mike Isabella Files for Bankruptcy

Mario Batali Now Under Criminal Investigation by Boston Police for Allegedly Groping Woman

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Mario Batali Sued By Woman Who He Allegedly Groped

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