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The End of Flair

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The Slow Decline of Middlebrow Chains: A Timeline

An interactive look at the actual data

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What’s the Matter With Applebee’s?

The cultural and economic decline of the suburban sitdown chain

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Breaking Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Red Lobster

Five diners, four generations, nearly 7,000 calories, one dying chain

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The Culturally Bankrupt Corporate Dining Chain Deserves to Die

A millennial explains why his fellow millennials are killing casual dining chains, by a millennial who is a millennial #millennial

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As Goes the Middle Class, So Goes TGI Fridays

What one typical American town reveals about the fate of the great suburban chain restaurant

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Why We Always Ended Up at Friendly's

Remembering a dad, a divorce, and weeknights filled with fried cheese and ice cream

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Dear Olive Garden, Never Change

I visited a dozen Olive Gardens to ponder the meaning of a chain

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