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Rich People Things

The Smartest and Most Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets at CES 2020

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24 Karat Gold Coffee Pot Lets You Start the Day Like a Monocle-Wearing Oil Baron

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Neiman Marcus Wants to Sell You Collard Greens at an Insane Markup

Watch: 2 Chainz Sips a $100 Cup of Cat Poop Coffee

Watch: The World's Priciest Popcorn Is Drenched in Real Gold

The World’s Priciest Chicken Wings Cost $35 Each

This Restaurant Has Jet-Powered Sushi Boats and a Marine Biologist on Staff (Seriously)

Caviar Wrestling Is Jello Wrestling for the One Percent

Ashtrays From NYC's Legendary Four Seasons Restaurant Fetch $10K at Auction

Gordon Ramsay Earned as Much as Beyoncé Last Year

This $2 Million Dinner Includes Personalized Diamond Chopsticks

One Bunch of Grapes Just Sold for $11,000 in Japan

The Country's Richest Food Families

The Macallan Has Released a $35K Scotch, Perfect for Thirsty One Percenters

Honor Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday With a $90,000 Gold-Encrusted Cake

Fro-Yo Topped With Gold Leaf Is Wholly Unnecessary, Yet Strangely Appealing

Billionaire WIlliam Koch Is Auctioning Off His Rare Wine Collection

Billionare and Alibaba Founder Buys Bordeaux Vineyard

Diner Almost Eats a Rare Purple Pearl Worth $600

McDonald's Big Mac Sauce Is Literally More Expensive Than Gold

What's Inside Martha Stewart's Wine Cellar?

This Photo of a Potato Sold for $1 Million

Every Night's a Party at the Benihana in Tyrese's Backyard

Williamsburg Restaurant Has the Audacity to Sell a $100 Doughnut

Japanese Restaurateur Pays Princely Sum of $118K for a Single Bluefin Tuna

Starbucks Is Selling Another $200 Crystal-Encrusted Gift Card