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So What Do the Vegans Eat at America’s Greasiest, Porkiest State Fair?

The Iowa State Fair’s 38-year-old vegetarian stand served two vegan presidential candidates fried avocados, fried PB&Js, and veggie corn dogs

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How the Corn Dog Became the Must-Eat Food of American Presidential Candidates

A long time favorite of state fairs, the corn dog represents Americana and, quite possibly, a way to the White House

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Mayor Pete’s Excellent Iowa State Fair Adventure

In the span of four hours, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg put down a root beer float, a pork chop on a stick, a fried bacon ball BLT, fried Oreos, and more — then washed it all down with chocolate milk

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There’s No Elegant Way to Eat a Corn Dog: Here Are the Democratic Candidates at the Iowa State Fair

Campaigning in the form of pork chops, turkey legs, and deep-fried everything

The Wife Cake Emerges as a Symbol of Resistance During the Hong Kong Protests

As violence against protesters breaks out across Hong Kong, the sweetheart cake has gained renewed communal significance

Election 2016 Results: Food-Related Ballots

Food Policy on the Ballot: What’s at Stake This Election

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Quiz: Do You Eat Like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Where Are the Clinton and Trump Campaigns Eating?

Who Are Chefs and Restaurant Owners Donating to This Election Cycle?

Restaurants, Lobbying, and the Politics of Persuasion

Interactive: How Much Are Restaurant Chains Donating to Republicans and Democrats?