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Carbone, Vino, and Sadelle’s Plan to Go From Being the New Thing to ‘Just the Thing’ in Dallas

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Feast on Sushi, Steak, and Globalization at Iraq’s American-Themed Buffet

Inspired by a Florida Golden Corral, developed in the Netherlands, and imported to Kurdistan, ABC Restaurant features an assortment of global cuisines all filtered through the semi-autonomous region’s relationship with the U.S.

How I Got My Job: Being a Professional Recipe Developer and Food Photographer

Where to Buy the Eater Cookbook

Keep a Rotisserie Chicken in the Fridge

The New Chicken Liver Toast Is Decidedly Luxurious

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Proper Bistro with Frenchette’s Tartare Frites

The Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings Landing in U.S. Cities This Fall

How I Got My Job: Making Knives for Top Chefs

A Square Outage Hits the Service Industry Hard

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This LA Shoe Store Serves Costco-Style Food, and It’s Way Better

A Charred Broccolini Salad Full of Sneaky Flavor, Care of Here’s Looking at You

You Only Need One Pan to Make Migas Like Veracruz All Natural

The Grey Team Goes to Paris

How to Stock a Lunch-Ready Pantry

How to Make Kasama’s Umami-Packed Mushroom Adobo at Home

How I Got My Job: Award-Winning Restaurant Critic

The Story Behind the José Andrés Nonprofit

Preorder the Eater Cookbook, Get Fun Swag

Take My Credit Card, Please

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Danny Meyer Is Closing Two of His New York City Restaurants

After Two ‘100-Year Floods’ in Just a Dozen Years, Vermont Restaurants Look to Rebuild Stronger

How I Got My Job: Editing — And Now, Owning — Legendary Food Publication Saveur

The Casa Bonita Reopening Is Real but It Might as Well Be a Joke

It’s Time for a Silly Pasta Shape Moment

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The Michelin Guide Adds Just One New Starred Restaurant to Its LA List

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Beyond Dining in the Dark: What It’s Actually Like to Eat Out When You’re Blind

Restaurant menus can present an awkward challenge for blind people. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How Queer Restaurants Keep Their Money In Their Community

For restaurants like Ursula and Provincetown Brewing, doing business means supporting fellow queer service workers and vendors

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Death by a Thousand Service Fees

After years of artificially low menu prices, service fees feel like an inevitable, annoying part of dining out now

The Country’s Best Sandwich Makers Are Expanding Into Fine Dining

Why Is Skate Wing Suddenly on Every Restaurant Menu?

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Graham Elliot Takes Fort Worth