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How I Got My Job: Creating America’s First Chic Tinned Fish Company

The Biggest Restaurant Makeover in New York City

How the owners behind HAGS turned a famous — and famously dark and cramped — Momofuku space into a colorful restaurant that’s decidedly queer

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What Are We Wearing to Restaurants Now, Paris?

At Folderol, a combination natural wine bar and ice cream shop in Paris, neighborhood block party vibes feel distinctly Parisian

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Just Trust Us: Here’s Where You’ll Be Eating This Fall

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Tanya Holland Aims for Impact

The Oakland chef has achieved her life goal of building community — through her storied (but now-closed) restaurant, her media work, and her newest book, "California Soul." But she’s just getting started.

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‘Chaos Cooking’ Is Coming — Are We Ready?

Part neo-fusion, part middle finger, a new, brash food style is changing the face of restaurants

Finding Community (and Pancit Canton) in America’s Oldest Resort Town

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In Houston, Tajín Goes on Everything

It’s Corn (It’s Not Corn)

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Building a Better Restaurant Bathroom

Restaurant bathrooms matter more than ever. But amid the quest for vibes and a good selfie mirror, where does function fit in?

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‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ and the American Omakase Boom

A decade into the "Jiro" era, omakase has become both a rarified experience — and one that’s rife for future experimentation

The West Coast’s Legacy Mochi Shops Persevere

From Fugetsu-Do in Los Angeles to Nisshodo in Honolulu, generations-old wagashi shops serve up not only mochi and manju, but also a taste of community

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Honeysuckle Projects Is Finally Home

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How to Cook a Direwolf

By recreating dishes from popular media like "Game of Thrones," "The Lord of the Rings," and "Twin Peaks," the chef Iliana Regan didn’t just turn fine dining on its head at her restaurant Elizabeth — she cooked fanfiction

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David Kinch Is Leaving Three-Michelin Star Manresa at the End of the Year

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Chef Kwame Onwuachi Returns to NYC With a Splashy Afro-Caribbean Restaurant 

The Menu at Martha Stewart’s New Las Vegas Restaurant Couldn’t Be More Perfect

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The Anatomy of a Perfect Roast Chicken at Zuni Cafe

So How Are Things Going for the ‘South Park’ Creators at Casa Bonita?

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We Ate at the Fancy Feast Restaurant for Humans

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Martha Stewart’s First-Ever Restaurant Is About to Open on the Las Vegas Strip

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Food Carts Are Leaning on Brick-and-Mortars to Escape the Punishing Heat

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The ‘Fancy Like’ Singer Is in Talks to Open a Fancy Applebee’s in Nashville

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One of the Most Influential Chefs in Britain, Alastair Little, Has Died

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The King of Union Square Hospitality Relinquishes His Crown

Where to Get Even Better Choco Tacos Around the Country

What Are We Wearing to Restaurants Now, Philly?

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The 38 Essential Restaurants in Paris

Why Restaurant Owners Are Increasingly Providing Knives to Their Kitchen Staff

Some restaurateurs hope that supplying their cooks with the tools they need creates a more equitable kitchen

Is the Minimalist Restaurant Menu Over?

Menus represent the changing values of the restaurant industry. And right now, more context is king.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022: The Full List of Winners

Where Ramen Meets Chilacayote

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