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Fun by Design

Neon walls, palm-shaped chairs, giant pepper grinders — there’s nothing subtle about maxed-out restaurant design in 2023

Our Favorite Restaurant Bathroom Soundtracks

It’s Time to Ban the Banquette

The Designers Responsible for How Restaurants Look Now

A who’s who of the people and firms defining the current dining room aesthetic, one stunning interior after another

The Warped Reality of a Dive Bar By Design

The Beauty of a Restaurant That Feels Like a Second Home

The 6 Worst Chairs You’ll Find in Restaurants

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How Night + Market’s Gaudy Dining Room Influenced a Generation of Restaurants

Before chef Kris Yenbamroong’s Night + Market became a fixture of LA dining, its pink walls, plastic beads, and aggressively fun playlist were key to carving out the restaurant’s identity

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What the Restaurants of the Future Will Look Like

Flexible dining rooms that can be quickly reconfigured, a deeper focus on accessibility, and an effort to make inside feel like outside are all in the cards.

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Restaurant Design Right Now — and What’s Next

The 5 Fanciest Wine Glasses You Haven’t Heard Of