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An Austin Chef Tried Developing Recipes With AI

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Eat More Beans. Please.

In LA, Proof That Sustainability Can Be Chic and Profitable

Let Him Eat Cake

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Where Mashed Potatoes Meet the Martini Glass

The chaotic beauty of the foods you see only at weddings

At Indian American Weddings, More Is More

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Do We Have to Subscribe to Restaurants, Too?

Why restaurants — and customers — are signing on for memberships and subscriptions

Why Does Everyone Want to Buy Candy on TikTok Right Now?

From freeze-dried Skittles to chamoy-coated Gushers, nostalgic candies are finding new life — and creating big business — on TikTok

On Fusion, Forced Migration, and Somali Food

How Somali food in the diaspora holds the history of forced migration

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Hawaiʻi’s Mushroom Boom Is Here

Ingredient by ingredient, Hawaiʻi chefs and farmers are working towards putting more local food on diners’ plates

What Effect Does Michelin Have on a City’s Dining Scene?

Six months after Michelin bestowed its first-ever stars upon Vancouver, BC, the local restaurant scene is readjusting

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More Restaurants and Bars Are Becoming Worker-Owned in NYC

A Kroger-Albertsons Merger Would Be Bad for Almost Everyone

How Cookie Jars Capture American Kitsch

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Will Baseball’s New ‘Pitch Clock’ Threaten Ballpark Beer Sales?

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A.I.: It’s What’s for Dinner

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During Ramadan in Hyderabad, All Roads Lead to Haleem

During the holy month, legions of cooks gather at restaurants, warehouses, and street stalls to spend hours mashing the savory porridge of mutton, wheat, and spices, a beloved fixture of night markets and family iftar feasts

California’s Upcoming Fast-Food Ballot Measure, Explained

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The Restaurant of the Future Shares a Home

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‘The Pandemic Showed Us How Fragile Chinatown Is’

Nora Ephron’s ‘Heartburn,’ 40 Years In

Along with an infamous salad dressing recipe, Ephron’s thinly veiled novel gave us the blueprint for the modern food memoir

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Why Some of Austin’s Most Exciting Restaurants Can Be Found in Hotels

Pay-What-You-Can Markets Provide Produce for the Common Good

Across the country, farm stands using a sliding scale payment model are feeding communities against tough odds

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The Food We Eat Is Destroying the Climate — Here’s How to Fix It

‘If You Took the Drag Away, Then It’s Just Another Boring Bar’

A vague, anti-drag bill in Tennessee has bar and restaurant owners worried for their future

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When Did Nashville Become a Bar Theme?

Riding Nashville’s wave of national popularity, themed Yankee-tonks have popped up in many cities, channeling a crude version of Music City’s culture, sounds, and food

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Meet the TV Star Who Slings Pizzas in Santa Monica When the Camera Stops

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NYC Institution Fishs Eddy Opens the Doors on Its Secret Vintage Plate Museum

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The Next Era of American Fine Dining Is Here, Care of West Africa

Chefs are spotlighting their culinary heritage on tasting menus, at buzzy pop-ups, and at new restaurants across the country

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Fountains of Youths

One grown-ass woman’s descent into the soul of the American teen on their home turf: the mall food court

The ‘Toxic Love’ of Twitter’s Most Outlandish Food Warnings

Piling on with "warnings" about Black and diaspora dishes is a playful act of protection — one that inserts Black voices in the center of culinary conversation

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Inside the Backroom Battle for Mother Wolf, One of Hollywood’s Hottest Restaurants

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