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Restaurant Groups Are Flocking to Nashville

The Country’s First Native American Woman-Owned Brewery in the U.S. Doesn’t Want to Be Its Last

The owners of New Mexico’s Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. hope to inspire the next generation of Indigenous brewers

For Restaurant Owners, Instagram Hacks Create Major Headaches

Businesses are more reliant on Instagram than ever — which means more pain when they get locked out

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The Numbers Driving New Cookbook Deals

Landing a cookbook deal involves good timing, a great idea — and increasingly, a ton of followers on social media

Delivery Workers Are the Next Frontier of Labor Organizing

Why Are American Chips So Boring?

International chip flavors seem to have all the fun. But to get chip flavors like hot pot or fried crab in America, the snack industry would have to change the way it does everything.

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All Alone on a Cruise to Nowhere

To escape my city’s pandemic restrictions, I embarked upon a cruise with literally no end destination

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How Public Libraries Are Seeding America’s Gardens

Libraries across the country are fighting food insecurity by offering communities free seeds and gardening education

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Is the Future of Restaurants Grassroots Funded?

Regulation crowdfunding allows people to directly lend to businesses they want to see grow — and earn profits from having done so

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The Bizarre, Bountiful State of Weed Snacks

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What It’s Like to Work at a World Central Kitchen Facility Three Miles From the Ukrainian Border

As Dollar Stores Proliferate Food Deserts, Some Communities Push Back

The Daily Challenge of Running a Cafe in Ukraine Right Now

The Transportive Power of Food Perfumes

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A Taste of Afghanistan at the Edge of Albania

Walwala Jalalzay made it out of Afghanistan. Now she’s serving fellow refugees quintessential dishes from the home they left behind.

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‘I Would Love to Fly a Trans Flag, But It Might Put My Animals in Danger’

Farmer Lee Hennessy on why he’s crowdfunding for a security system for his upstate NY farm

The Labor Disputes at Amy’s Kitchen, Explained

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How Starbucks Workers Unionizing Could Inspire Other Chains to Organize

What happens at Starbucks could be groundbreaking for the food industry

The Fight for L.A.’s Street Food Vendors

Street vending is technically legal in Los Angeles, but vendors say landing a permit is often out of reach

Assembling Ikea’s Future — Through Food

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Haven’t We Told Julia Child’s Story Enough?

Like its subject, HBO Max’s "Julia" is plentiful in charm, but it might be time for something new

The World Moved on From the Garfield-Themed Restaurant, but Will the Internet Ever Forget?

Interest in Toronto’s now-closed GarfieldEats and its owner Nathen Mazri endures like Garfield’s love of lasagna

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What a Surge in Union Organizing Means for Food and Farm Workers

More and more Starbucks locations are announcing intentions to unionize amid a historic movement in the food industry

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Ukraine’s Chefs Are Determined to Fight

Before the war started, Ukraine’s fine dining scene was on an upswing. Now, its chefs are mobilizing to react to their present-day reality: keeping Kyiv’s citizens and soldiers fed.

Rising Gas Prices Could Force Food Banks to Scale Back Their Critically Important Work

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The Soul of Saugus

A storied stretch of Route 1 in Massachusetts was once home to restaurants with over-the-top roadside attractions. Now, only Kowloon, owned by the Wong family, remains, and it’s unclear for how much longer.

The Rainbow Room: An Oral History of the Iconic New York Bar

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Why Bootleg Moe’s Taverns Are All Over Latin America

Homer Simpson drinks here. So do countless "Simpsons" fans across Latin America.

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Native Chef Pyet DeSpain Wants to Take Indigenous Cooking to the Next Level

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The Multilevel Truth Behind Small Town America’s Latest Tea Obsession

Vibrantly colored, highly caffeinated, health-focused drinks have taken over social media, but for the proprietors of these beverage-slinging "nutrition clubs," the realities can be far less bright

How the Home Pantry Got Cheffy

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How a Buzzy New York City Restaurant Makes More Money By Closing on Saturdays

Breaking down the food, labor, and fixed costs of Dame’s popular fish and chips

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