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Feast on Sushi, Steak, and Globalization at Iraq’s American-Themed Buffet

Inspired by a Florida Golden Corral, developed in the Netherlands, and imported to Kurdistan, ABC Restaurant features an assortment of global cuisines all filtered through the semi-autonomous region’s relationship with the U.S.

Ube Flavoring Is Ubiquitous. But Where Does the Fresh Stuff Fit In?

As Temperatures Rise, Bakers Are Feeling the Burn

Supermarket Food Waste Is a Big Problem. Is Dynamic Pricing the Solution?

Oktoberfest’s Beer-Soaked History, Explained

The New Chicken Liver Toast Is Decidedly Luxurious

What We Lost in the Lahaina Fire

The fire razed Maui’s densest dining town, destroying the fifth-generation-owned Nagasako Okazuya Deli, Maui’s oldest dive bar, the pickle mango stand on Front Street, and so much more

‘We Need to Feed People — Thousands of People’

Training for the Olympics of Cheese

After months of rigorous practice and study, Courtney Johnson and Sam Rollins are set to represent the United States at the World’s Best Cheesemonger competition this month

The Story Behind the José Andrés Nonprofit

‘Rebel Canning’ Is Having a Moment, Whether or Not It Should

After Two ‘100-Year Floods’ in Just a Dozen Years, Vermont Restaurants Look to Rebuild Stronger

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The Biggest Names in Food Are Just Regular People on TikTok

Dinner Theater and Loathing in Baptist Vegas

Branson, Missouri, is touted as a wholesome, family-friendly tourist destination where dinner-and-a-show thrives. But here, everyone’s trying to sell you more than just a ticket.

Why AI Food Photography Is So Unappetizing

When a Lab-Grown Burger Costs $100, How Can It Possibly Compete With McDonald’s?

How Pineapples Became the Gucci Purse of 1700s Europe

Long before they were the stars of tropical drinks or controversial pizzas, pineapples were the obsessively hoarded, perpetually pursued symbols of the elite

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An Austin Chef Tried Developing Recipes With AI

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Eat More Beans. Please.

In LA, Proof That Sustainability Can Be Chic and Profitable

Let Him Eat Cake

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Where Mashed Potatoes Meet the Martini Glass

The chaotic beauty of the foods you see only at weddings

At Indian American Weddings, More Is More

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Do We Have to Subscribe to Restaurants, Too?

Why restaurants — and customers — are signing on for memberships and subscriptions

Why Does Everyone Want to Buy Candy on TikTok Right Now?

From freeze-dried Skittles to chamoy-coated Gushers, nostalgic candies are finding new life — and creating big business — on TikTok

On Fusion, Forced Migration, and Somali Food

How Somali food in the diaspora holds the history of forced migration

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Hawaiʻi’s Mushroom Boom Is Here

Ingredient by ingredient, Hawaiʻi chefs and farmers are working towards putting more local food on diners’ plates

What Effect Does Michelin Have on a City’s Dining Scene?

Six months after Michelin bestowed its first-ever stars upon Vancouver, BC, the local restaurant scene is readjusting

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More Restaurants and Bars Are Becoming Worker-Owned in NYC

A Kroger-Albertsons Merger Would Be Bad for Almost Everyone

How Cookie Jars Capture American Kitsch

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Will Baseball’s New ‘Pitch Clock’ Threaten Ballpark Beer Sales?