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Rick Martínez’s Rajas con Crema Quiche Recipe Is the ‘Ultimate Comfort Food’

A Recipe for a Bright, Crunchy Butter Lettuce Salad With Grapes, Fennel, and Walnuts

A Crunchy, Extra-Crispy Recipe for Chicken Milanese

How to Make Misi’s Iconic Ricotta-Filled Occhi Pasta

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A Sticky Bun Recipe That May Momentarily Change Your Outlook on Life

A Cheese Bread Recipe That’s a Perfect Union Between Dairy and Carbs

A Sichuan-Style Toothpick Lamb Recipe Fit for a (Super Bowl) Party

A Recipe for Beer-Battered Onion Blossoms

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Zhajiangmian Is a Noodle Dish With a Universal Fan Base

A Kimchi Samosa Recipe Where India Meets California

A Fesenjan Recipe That’s Full of Light

A Festive Sweet Potato Cheesecake Bar Recipe With a Story to Tell

In Defense of Recipes

No-recipe recipes are great, but some of us need actual precise measurements to make the magic happen

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The Best Holiday Cocktails, According to Eater Editors

A Thanksgiving Congee Recipe That Will Give Delicious New Life to Your Leftovers

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A Honeynut Dream Cake Recipe That Will Make You Swoon

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A Hands-Off Recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Kimchi and Scallions

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A Kali Mirch Paneer Pasta Recipe That Blends Comfort With Innovation

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A Recipe for Roasted, Smashed, and Fried Potatoes That Hits All the High Notes

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A Yam Gnocchi Recipe With Jewish and African Roots

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A Chicken Karahi Recipe That Will Feed a Crowd

A Chicken Inasal Recipe That Shows Another Side of Filipino Food

The Best Apple Recipes, According to Eater Editors

An Utterly Perfect Insalata Verde Recipe From Via Carota’s New Cookbook

The Best Pumpkin Recipes, According to Eater Editors

Andrea Nguyen’s Genius Soy-Seared Tofu Recipe Offers Big Flavor for Little Effort

Edd Kimber’s Recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies Is a Perfect Snack for One

A Glorious Browned Butter Skillet Fig Cake Recipe to Welcome Early Fall

A Hot, Crispy Hobakjeon Recipe for Chuseok

The Best Late Summer Barbecue Sides, According to Eater Editors