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Which Lasagna Recipe Is Worth the Work?

We tested three very popular lasagna recipes to find the best one

A Ribollita Recipe That Will Warm Your Body and Soul

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The Best Dip Recipes, According to Eater Staff

Whether you’re planning to watch the Super Bowl or don’t feel like making an elaborate dinner, a big dip with crusty bread or crackers is magic

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The Only Cheese Fondue Recipe You’ll Ever Need

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The Best Chocolate Fondue Recipe Is a Little Spicy

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A Mandu Hot Pot Recipe That’s a Spicy Take on Dipping Your Dinner

The Best Chicken Soup Recipes, According to Eater Staff

Which Roast Chicken Recipe Rules Them All?

We tested three popular roast chicken recipes to find the best one

The Best Recipes Eater Editors Made This Year

Julia Child’s Coq au Vin Recipe Stands the Test of Time

The Best Potato Recipes for Holiday Season and Beyond, According to Eater Staff

A Fesenjan Recipe for Yalda That’s Full of Light

A Breakfast Burrito Recipe From a Beloved LA Taqueria

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A Creamy, Dreamy Spiced Coffee Meringue Recipe 

A Mincemeat Recipe for My Father

The Best Cookie Recipes, According to Eater Staff

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This Roasted Sweet Potato Recipe Makes an Easy Thanksgiving Upgrade

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This Holiday Season, Consider the Beef Wellington

A Palestinian Stuffed Grape Leaves Recipe That Preserves Tradition

A Halo-Halo Bar Is the Ultimate Party Dessert

A Tofu and Kimchi Recipe From a Legendary LA Koreatown Restaurant

A Sweet and Sour Cabbage Soup Recipe From a Legendary Chicago Cafe

Salted Egg Yolks Are China’s Answer to Parmesan

A Recipe for Chewy Sesame Cookies With Cherries and Lemon

Turn Your Kitchen Into a Proper Bistro with Frenchette’s Tartare Frites

A Charred Broccolini Salad Full of Sneaky Flavor, Care of Here’s Looking at You

You Only Need One Pan to Make Migas Like Veracruz All Natural

How to Make Kasama’s Umami-Packed Mushroom Adobo at Home

A Sweet Potato Bread Recipe That Welcomes Beginner Bakers

A Fluffy, Buttery Biscuit Recipe Made With One of the South’s Favorite Condiments

A Recipe for a Magical Mango Pudding Cake

A Sweet-Salty Party Mix Recipe That Will Be the Hit of Any Gathering