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Steakhouse Mocks Up $26K Fake Check For NFL Rookies

Restaurant Offers Customer ‘Seen Rat’ Discount

Awful Customers Leave ‘Tip’ on Receipt Telling Waitress Her ‘Place Is in the Home’

Customers Leave Waitress Anti-Immigrant Note Instead of Tip

Awful Customer Leaves Server Hateful Message Instead of a Tip

Restaurant Owner Fires His Own Son for Calling Customer a 'Fatty' on Receipt

Server Calls Diner a 'Plaid Asshole' on Restaurant Receipt

Certified Jerk Leaves Gay Server Bible Verse Instead of Tip

London Restaurant Prints Racial Slur on Customer's Receipt, Apologizes

Pink-Haired Server Gets a Nasty Note Instead of a Tip

State Legislator Leaves Hooters Waitress an Apology Instead of a Tip

Server at IHOP Labels Couple's Receipt 'BLACK PPL'

Restaurant Staffer Insults Woman's Weight on Receipt

Kansas Waiter Gets Fake $20 Tip Telling Him to Find Jesus

Nebraska Football Player Stiffs Trash-Talking Server

Washington Redskins Rookies Forced to Foot $22,000 Steakhouse Bill for Veteran Players

Another Racist Message Was Printed on a Restaurant Receipt

Awful Customers Tip Server With 'LOL' Instead of Actual Money

Woman Finds Vulgar Message Printed on Chicken Wing Receipt

Waitress Buys Dinner for Couple Who Recently Lost Their Child

Man Leaves $9,000 Tip to Be Split Amongst Customers and Servers

Arizona Restaurant Insults Woman on Receipt

Chick-fil-A Comps Grateful Mother's Meal After She Forgot Her Wallet

Impatient Customer Scrawls Horrible Racist Slur on Receipt Instead of Tip

Worst Barista Ever Trashes Customer for Requesting Almond Milk

Denver Bronco Pranks Waiter Who Mocked Him

Savvy 101-Year-Old Earns Seven Cents From Restaurant's Birthday Discount

Restaurant Surprises Diners With $5,182 Worth of Comped Meals

Buffalo Wild Wings in Texas Add Then Drop Health Insurance Surcharge

Family Accidentally Charged Nearly $10,000 for a Chicken Dinner

World's Worst Waiter Writes N-Word on Check; Does Not Apologize

Restaurant Claims Printing the N-Word on a Receipt Was a 'Joke'