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Puerto Rico

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The 25 Essential San Juan Restaurants

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‘We All Were Driven by the Need to Feed an Island’

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, José Andrés reflects on his first weeks on the ground in Puerto Rico

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Rebuilding Puerto Rico, From the Ground Up

Less than a year after Hurricane Maria, can the Fondo de Resiliencia change the country’s food system?

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As Puerto Rico Recovers, a Bright Light in San Juan’s Welcoming Vianda

At just five months old, Francis Guzmán and Amelia Dill’s restaurant already feels like a vital part of the island’s dining scene

José Andrés Is Writing a Book About Puerto Rico

José Andrés’s Nonprofit Served Thousands in California and Puerto Rico This Weekend

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How Puerto Rico’s Food Industry Is Picking Up the Pieces After Hurricane Maria

Months later, chefs and farmers are still processing the catastrophic effects

José Andrés Is Eater’s Icon of the Year

José Andrés and Team Served 3 Million Meals in Puerto Rico

José Andrés and Team Will Serve 40,000 Thanksgiving Meals in Puerto Rico

Restaurants in Puerto Rico Are Struggling to Survive

José Andrés Says FEMA Kicked Him Out of Its Building

José Andrés and Team Will Feed Puerto Rico Through Christmas

José Andrés Is Rolling Back His Puerto Rico Relief Efforts

José Andrés and Team Have Served One Million Meals in Puerto Rico 

José Andrés Is Serving More Than 100,000 Meals Daily in Puerto Rico

José Andrés Is Serving 97,000 Meals Per Day in Puerto Rico

José Andrés Delivers 500 Hot Meals to Remote Mountaintop Town in Puerto Rico

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Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: Food Relief, Recovery, and Other Updates

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Hurricane Maria Devastated Puerto Rico’s Coffee Farms

And the local industry’s future hangs in the balance

José Andrés Criticizes Trump for Poor Response to Food Crisis in Puerto Rico 

José Andrés Has Served Over 350,000 Meals in Puerto Rico

Panda Express Offers to Relocate Its Workers in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

José Andrés and World Central Kitchen Have Served 130,000 People in Puerto Rico

José Andrés Fed 30,000 People in Puerto Rico Yesterday

150 Restaurants Will Donate Proceeds to Puerto Rico on World Food Day

José Andrés Wants to Serve 100,000 Meals in Puerto Rico By the End of the Week

José Andrés Is Feeding Thousands in Puerto Rico

Chefs Step Up Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico as Food Supplies Run Low

José Andrés Flew to Puerto Rico to Cook for Hurricane Maria Victims

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The Nine Hottest New Restaurants in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Where to find Roman-style pasta, Latin-inspired sushi, and elaborate tapas

Inside Puerto Rico’s Food Truck Boom