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Cecilia Chiang, in Her Own Words

At 98, the iconic San Francisco restaurateur is as bold as ever. Now, she shares her life story with her friend, pastry chef Belinda Leong.

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Eric Rivera Is Playing the Game 

Despite everything, the Seattle chef has found a way to successfully run his restaurant Addo — and he has some advice for the rest of the industry

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Where Are All the Chinese Fast-Casual Restaurants?

Eater Young Gun Lucas Sin’s work at Junzi Kitchen is a step forward for Chinese cooking in America

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The Natural

At Kismet in Los Angeles, Eater Young Gun Kae Whalen makes natural wine easy to enjoy

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Where’s the Beef?

People in Hawai‘i want good, local beef. Eater Young Gun Jason Chow (’19) wants to provide it

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Putting the Soul of Atlanta on the Dessert Menu

Tiny Lou’s pastry chef Claudia Martinez draws inspiration from the city, the Clermont Hotel, and the divey strip club underneath it

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The Past as Possibility in the Appalachian South

How chef and Eater Young Gun Ashleigh Shanti centers African-American voices through her cooking

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The Kitchen Renegade

At El Departamento de la Comida, one of Puerto Rico’s most visible recovery organizations, chef Verónica Quiles runs the show

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The Pleasures of Ina Garten

For the fans that follow the Barefoot Contessa’s recipes, what she’s really selling, in addition to pleasure, is the confidence of a practiced cook

Jenny Dorsey Dishes Out Discomfort

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Porcelain That Looks Like Pastry

Margaret Braun’s sugar-sculpted marvels have appeared in books, museums, and before royalty. Now, she’s embracing a new role in the food world

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Angela Dimayuga Is Here From the Future to Save Us All

The quiet architect of Mission Chinese as we know it is ready for life after Danny Bowien (and Ivanka Trump)

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Christina Tosi Has a Cookie

Milk Bar gave us crack pie, cereal milk, and bagel bombs — now can it conquer the world without losing its soul?

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