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A purple frozen baked sweet potato, split in half

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Eater Joins TikTok

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Always finding new ways to tell stories through food, Eater has joined TikTok to deliver recipe explainers, cooking how-tos, and beloved Eater video series to a new audience. “This is definitely an experiment for us,” says engagement editor Milly McGuinness. “In 2021, the social team at Eater will be experimenting on TikTok with existing Eater content; as we learn more about what people are excited by, we’ll keep strategizing around what our TikTok can be.”

Eater kicked things off on the video app with three brand-new videos: a quick explainer from social media manager James Park on why you should be freezing your sweet potatoes before you bake them, based on this recipe from chef Lucas Sin; senior social media editor Esra Erol narrated the story of Monowi, a Nebraska town with only resident, originally told by writer Kieran Dahl for Eater; and a tutorial from chef Nyesha Arrington, the host of Eater’s Plateworthy video series, showing viewers how to dice an onion like a pro.

Eater is already on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest — now join us on TikTok to explore more food videos.


Rib No.7 specializes in oodae galbi, a particular cut of beef short ribs getting more popular in South Korea #koreanbbq #nyc #restauranttiktok

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

How to make Cool Ranch Dorito-flavored chicken wings #learnontiktok #cooking #chickenwingsrecipe #coolranch

♬ original sound - Eater

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