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Travel Is Back! 100 New Maps and the Ultimate Guide to Camping

Choose your travel adventure (and eat well while doing it)

Dina Avila

After 18+ months of staying put — and addressing readers who were doing the same — Eater is thrilled to return, slowly, to getting away. In an effort from travel editor Lesley Suter and editorial associate Nicholas Mancall-Bitel, Eater kicked off summer 2021 with a revamp of our travel hub, with over 100 fresh maps to destinations across North America including Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and cities across the U.S.

“Almost everything Eater does counts as ‘travel’ content,” says Suter. “This project is awesome proof of that, in that it showcases a ton of incredible work accomplished by every single Eater city site. This truly could not have been done without the whole cities team’s enthusiastic participation, and I am so so proud of efforts like this that show off what we are able to accomplish together.”

Along with lead editor Erin DeJesus and senior editor Rebecca Flint Marx, Suter also launched the Great Eater Campout, a mega-guide to planning the most delicious camping trip ever. An homage to the earned pleasures of cooking in the wild, the guide is chock-full of helpful advice, from nitty-gritty instructions to building a fire to rankings of the best ready-to-eat meals and powdered drinks (plus, crucially, reminders to not eat those random mushrooms). There are also 10 original-to-Eater recipes, created by chefs Nettie Colón, Al Culliton, Kena Peay, Kirsten Kirby-Shoote (2021 Eater New Guard), and Lucas Sin (2019 Eater Young Gun) — all cooked and photographed out in the wilderness, but just as suitable for whipping up in your home kitchen.

The Great Eater Campout was edited by Elazar Sontag, along with DeJesus, Flint Marx, and Suter; developed by Graham MacAree; and designed by Alyssa Nassner, with contributions from Farley Elliott, Brenna Houck, Matthew Kang, and Meghan McCarron.


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