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2020 Presidential Election

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Democrats Spent More Than $35,000 on Food in Nevada

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Here’s How Much the Presidential Campaigns Are Spending on Food

Bernie Sanders’s campaign runs on chain pizza, while the event-catering bills for Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer run over $100K

The Most Powerful Restaurant Workers in America

Nevada’s Culinary Workers Union can propel a presidential candidate to victory. As the Nevada caucus approaches, union members consider their options.

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The Lavish Spreads of Mike Bloomberg’s Food-Filled Campaign

Billionaire presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is enticing voters with unprecedented amounts of free food and booze — and not the cheap stuff, either

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Inside Tom Steyer’s Nevada Caucus Taco Party

A billionaire candidate picking up the tab for food trucks at early voting sites makes everything "more fun," no matter who you’re voting for

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The Diner That Every Future President Must Visit

New Hampshire’s Red Arrow Diner is the one thing all sides — whether Democrat, Republican, or independent — can agree on

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Food and Loathing on the Campaign Trail

The road to the White House is paved with corn dogs, deep-fried Oreos, and lots of Jimmy John’s

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The Andrew Yang Campaign Trail Diet

Jimmy John’s, milkshakes, and endless on-the-road snacking with the 2020 presidential hopeful

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The Pete Buttigieg Campaign Trail Diet

36 hours of IPAs, Dairy Queen, and pad thai on the road to the 2020 election

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The Cookout Every Democratic Presidential Candidate Must Attend

The Polk County Steak Fry is compulsory if you’re running for president

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America’s Culinary School Grads Struggle With Student Loans. Which Presidential Candidates Will Save Them From Crushing Debt?

From canceling student loan debt to vague promises of accountability, how Warren, Sanders, and Mayor Pete pledge to help culinary school grads

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Iowa State Fair: Everything 2020 Presidential Candidates Ate

Eater sent two correspondents to America’s meatiest state fair to report on what Democratic presidential hopefuls ate

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So What Do the Vegans Eat at America’s Greasiest, Porkiest State Fair?

The Iowa State Fair’s 38-year-old vegetarian stand served two vegan presidential candidates fried avocados, fried PB&Js, and veggie corn dogs

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How the Corn Dog Became the Must-Eat Food of American Presidential Candidates

A long time favorite of state fairs, the corn dog represents Americana and, quite possibly, a way to the White House

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Mayor Pete’s Excellent Iowa State Fair Adventure

In the span of four hours, presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg put down a root beer float, a pork chop on a stick, a fried bacon ball BLT, fried Oreos, and more — then washed it all down with chocolate milk

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There’s No Elegant Way to Eat a Corn Dog: Here Are the Democratic Candidates at the Iowa State Fair

Campaigning in the form of pork chops, turkey legs, and deep-fried everything

Yes, Donald Trump Ruined Thanksgiving in 2016

The Many Lawsuits of Donald Trump and D.C. Chefs

What President Donald Trump Will Mean for U.S. Food Policy

How D.C. Restaurants Are Bracing for the Inauguration Onslaught

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Barack Obama Hits Favorite Hyde Park Diner For Final Time As POTUS

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Pussy Riot Beer Rings in the Presidential Inauguration

Read Georgia Chef Hugh Acheson’s Post-Election Memo to Employees

Donald Trump Ditches Press Pool to Indulge in (Probably) Well-Done Steak

Iowa Restaurant Increases Cover Charge for Trump Voters

On Election Night, Americans Self-Medicated With Delivery Food and Booze

How to Replace Donald Trump’s Face With Cheeseburgers

Donald Trump Really, Really, Really Hates Eating in Tents

Fake Trump State Dinner Menu Features Donkey Sauce, Paula Deen

Read Restaurateur Danny Meyer’s Post-Election Letter to Employees

Why Trump’s Victory Gave Restaurant Stocks a Boost

Americans Really Want to Work for René Redzepi in Denmark All of a Sudden

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