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Late Country Legend Loretta Lynn Was Also One Hell of a Home Cook

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Charlie Trotter Documentary Trailer Shows a Chef Oblivious to His Influence

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Why McDonald’s Happy Meals for Adults Make Sense

Write Outside the Bun

How "Taco Bell Quarterly" uses the literary mag format to reclaim our obsessions about fast food

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The Great Food Instagram Vibe Shift

The food blogger aesthetic has given way to something more realistic and DIY: Laissez-faire Instagram food is here

I Am Tired of Watching People Go to Italy

We’re Always Falling for Fake Food Stunts

How Much NBA Legend Dwyane Wade Thinks You Should Spend on a Nice Bottle of Wine

Will TikTok’s ‘Butter Board’ Become the Next Charcuterie Board?

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How Netflix’s Hit Show ‘Mo’ Uses Houston’s Food Scene to Establish Identity

How One Food Stylist Creates Otherworldly Dishes for Your Favorite Sci-Fi Show

From full-on feasts in "Foundation" to intricate meaty platters in "Hannibal," food stylist Janice Poon on how she tells stories that take place in fantastic worlds

Liberate Me From the Tyranny of Fall Flavors

Nancy Meyers’s ’80s Rom-Com ‘Baby Boom’ Predicted the Artisan Food Boom of the Aughts

Can I Eat It? And Other Questions We Have About Food in the Metaverse

I’m Finally Getting Rid of My Instant Pot, and I’m Not the Only One

I’m Obsessed With This 1986 Country Music Cookbook 

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Fall’s 10 Essential Food Reads

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When Fine Dining Is a Horror Show

"The Menu" is one of fall’s most anticipated movies. It’s also part of a long lineage of horror films all about eating.

You Should Be Watching ‘Junior Bake-Off’

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Ghetto Gastro, in Its Own Words

With its upcoming cookbook, "Black Power Kitchen," the Bronx-based collective is bringing itself out of the abstract

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Ruby Tandoh, as She Is

With her new book, "Cook as You Are," the "Great British Bake Off" alum is taking up space, on her own terms

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Eater’s Fall Preview 2022

Everything we’re excited about this fall

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Tanya Holland Aims for Impact

The Oakland chef has achieved her life goal of building community — through her storied (but now-closed) restaurant, her media work, and her newest book, "California Soul." But she’s just getting started.

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Yes, More Food TV Is Coming. Here’s What to Watch.

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How Los Angeles’s Koreatown Cafes Are Keeping the K-Pop Fandom Alive

So We’re Doing Survivalism in Cooking Shows Now

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The ‘Jiro’ Filter

Slow-motion pans over dishes, languid wisps of steam rising into the air, Philip Glass: How David Gelb’s cinematic style defined a generation of food documentaries

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‘Jiro’ and the Impossible Dream of Authenticity

When "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" hit Netflix 10 years ago, Jiro Ono’s approach was fetishized as the pinnacle of "authenticity." Looking back now, though, what did that really mean?

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‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ and the American Omakase Boom

A decade into the "Jiro" era, omakase has become both a rarified experience — and one that’s rife for future experimentation

More Foods Should Have Names Like ‘Shit on a Shingle’

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Alison Brie Talks Restaurant Work, Pasta, and Her Favorite Local Dinner Spots

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How to Cook a Direwolf

By recreating dishes from popular media like "Game of Thrones," "The Lord of the Rings," and "Twin Peaks," the chef Iliana Regan didn’t just turn fine dining on its head at her restaurant Elizabeth — she cooked fanfiction

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