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Where Mashed Potatoes Meet the Martini Glass

The chaotic beauty of the foods you see only at weddings

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Eva Longoria’s ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Film Uses Food to Honor Mexican American Culture

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Michelle Zauner Has Picked a Director for Her ‘Crying in H Mart’ Movie 

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Is ‘Flamin’ Hot,’ the Cheetos Origin Story, True? Eva Longoria Says It Doesn’t Matter.

The New ‘Great British Bake Off’ Host Might Just Save the Show

I’ve Had It With Stunt Ice Cream Flavors

A Drag Queen and a YouTube Chef Walk Into a Podcast

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‘Top Chef’ Contestants Speak Out on How Bravo Handled Austin Chef Gabe Erales’s Controversial Win

Nora Ephron’s ‘Heartburn,’ 40 Years In

Along with an infamous salad dressing recipe, Ephron’s thinly veiled novel gave us the blueprint for the modern food memoir

Bring Back the Giant, Loaded Baked Potato

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The Founder of Mr. Beef, the Chicago Restaurant That Inspired ‘The Bear,’ Has Died

Liquid Death’s New Tea Tallboys Are Coming for AriZona’s Neck

‘Party Down’ Returns Sharper, Bleaker, and Funnier Than Before

The Millennial Urge to Buy a Tiny Pizza Hut-Themed Toy Set

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We’re Pretty Sure the Barbecue at This SXSW ‘Yellowjackets’ Pop-Up Isn’t People

Rick Steves Is Travel’s True Everyman

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Fountains of Youths

One grown-ass woman’s descent into the soul of the American teen on their home turf: the mall food court

Pretzels Make Perfect

If You Give a Woman a Cookie

Mall Food Madness

See you at the food court

Please Stop Buying Food From Social Media Influencers 

When we buy food off of TikTok, what are we getting, really?

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A D.C. Chef Cooked a Lavish Birthday Dinner for an Ankle Bracelet-Wearing Anna Delvey

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Legendary Food Writer Ruth Reichl’s Documentary Will Play at South by Southwest

We’re Using Big Spoons Wrong

Little spoons have become an online obsession. But are we just eating incorrectly?

The Pistachio Moment Is Already My Favorite Food Trend of 2023

Netflix’s ‘The Makanai’ Is a Soothing Delight for Those Who Measure Their Lives in Meals

When the World Ends, I Only Hope to Grow a Patch of Strawberries

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The Brash, Chaotic, Enduring Taboo of Four Loko

What California Cuisine’s Past Tells Us About Its Future

Into the 1980s, the heart of the California food revolution was also a hub of French fine dining. Why did the goat cheese and sundried tomatoes win?

Interview: Dolly Parton on Why ‘There’s No Bad Way to Eat a Biscuit’

For My Next Trick, Dessert

Every meal is in its own way a magic trick, but at magician-led dinner theater, there’s true wonder in watching the transformation

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‘The Bear’ Actor Jeremy Allen White Wins a Golden Globe

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