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Bill Murray Dumped Water on a Photographer at a Martha’s Vineyard Restaurant

The actor also allegedly shoved and threatened him

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Bar-hopping grandpa Bill Murray is once again in the spotlight for losing his cool with a photographer. The Caddyshack actor and restaurateur was allegedly involved in a confrontation this week with a photographer at a Martha’s Vineyard restaurant called Lola’s. The photographer Peter Simon (who also happens to be singer Carly Simon’s brother) claims Murray shoved him, threatened him, and dumped a glass of water in on his lap and camera for photographing inside the restaurant.

Simon tells the Boston Globe that he was on assignment photographing the scene and the Marotta Brothers Band performance at Lola’s for his regular column in the Martha’s Vineyard Times. Simon says he was reviewing the photos on his camera when he was slammed up against a wall by Murray and threatened with bodily harm because Murray believed he was photographing him. The photographer claims he had not been aware that Murray was there and didn’t recognize him initially. “He doesn’t look anything like he used to look like,” he said. Later, when the photographer continued shooting the restaurant, Murray poured water on him. The police were called and a report was filed. Thus far, Simon hasn’t pressed charges against the Life Aquatic actor.

The owner of Lola’s, Katherine Domitrovich, has stepped up to Murray’s defense, calling Simon’s photography “generally annoying” and unwelcome in the restaurant. She claims that the comedian did pour the water, but never got physical with Simon. Domitrovich also accused Simon of intentionally showing up to photograph Murray on Wednesday, because the actor is apparently a regular on that night.

Simon does not appear to be backing down on his version of the story and is consulting lawyers on how to move forward. He’s demanded an apology from Murray and Domitrovich.

Murray hasn’t made any statements regarding the water pouring incident. The actor, who has a history of alleged spousal abuse, has been known to going to extremes when it comes to dealing with fan photography. In 2016, Murray got angry with people snapping photos of him at a restaurant in Carmel, California and lobbed their cell phones off the roof.

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