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LaCroix Swimsuits Will Make You Look Like a Giant, Tanned Can of Seltzer

Perfect for all the LaCroix bois and girls out there

a selection of men’s and women’s la croix bathing suits Public Space

Beach season approacheth, and while this Guy Fieri bathing suit is still the epitome of high fashion for surf and sand, no one wants to get caught donning last year’s trends. It’s time to update that coastal wardrobe with a line of swimwear inspired by every young adult’s favorite beverage. It’s not booze, it’s LaCroix.

Yes, it is now possible to rep that ubiquitous bubbly drink while showing off one’s tanned bod. Designer Eric Wu has created LaCroix-inspired trunks and one-pieces, and he’s selling them via his Public Space online shop. LaCroix-loving musicians Big Dipper and Rakeem must be thrilled to learn of these suits, which will make anyone look like a human-sized, walking, talking can of seltzer.

There’s also a pair of swimming shorts that pays homage to Fiji Water. Beyond beach garb, Wu is peddling hats, tees, and sweats that celebrate the likes of Crystal Pepsi and Evian, among other brands.

LaCroix trunks are going for $39.50 on Public Space, and one-pieces are $49.50.

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