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Listen to a Hilarious Takedown of Jonathan Cheban’s $1,000 Gold Chicken Wings

Influencer culture gets ripped to shreds in this song by comedian Tim Heidecker

Tim Heidecker photo via Getty/Mark Sullivan; Jonathan Cheban screengrab via YouTube/Food Insider

One of the most insipid culinary trends of the Instagram era — comfort food smothered in gold — is the inspiration behind a biting (and catchy!) new song from comedian Tim Heidecker, of Tim and Eric fame. His tune is specifically a vicious takedown of Kardashian acquaintance Jonathan Cheban — aka the Foodgōd— who recently appeared in a video for Food Insider hawking $1,000-a-plate gold-encrusted chicken wings at bro-tastic NYC sports bar the Ainsworth.

“Jonathan’s Golden Wings” is a classic rock-style number that’s sung from the perspective of a former club kid who meets up with Cheban and decides to hatch a plan to make these ridiculous wings. “We were both young and had come from means,” Heidecker croons, “and we wanted what’d get us that clickbait news.“

As the story goes, the dish becomes a viral hit — especially with the trust funders — and it attracts “good press and some bad,” which is fine considering that it brings a lot of people to the restaurant “even if it is just a stupid fad.” The singer muses, “We could have done anything, but we settled on gold-encrusted chicken wings.“

Up until this point in the song, the action pretty much mirrors real life, right down to the description of Cheban’s tendency to “pose for the pictures, even if for show.” But then, taking some artistic license, Heidecker depicts a future where Cheban “partied too hard” and “crossed that line.” It’s at this point that things take a turn for the macabre:

Jonathan died on his birthday he had just turned 29
A wasted life has thrown away
Which remains intact up online
There ain’t no water in Flint
There ain’t no power in Puerto Rico
We could have done anything
But we settled on gold encrusted chicken wing

This is not Heidecker’s first attempt at edgy, comedic songwriting: Last fall, he published an entire album worth of songs about Donald Trump called “Too Dumb for Suicide.”

Despite the scathing tone of “Jonathan’s Gold Wings,” Heidecker professes that he wasn’t familiar with the Instagram star before seeing the video online last week. “This is a quick track I put together after reading about these disgusting gold encrusted chicken wings.” Heidecker explains in the notes for the song. “The first line from that asshole’s interview jumped out at me as a good first lyric... I know nothing else about any of these people.”

The new track about the gold-slathered chicken wings is now available to purchase for one dollar on Bandcamp, and all proceed go to the LA Food Bank.

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