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Bagel Emoji Finally Added to the List for 2018

Lobster, salt, and moon cake emoji are also on the way


The Unicode Consortium has released its list of the 157 emoji that are being introduced to the world later this year, and among them are a few tiny characters that will make texting food orders to your friends and family a little bit easier.

The biggest reveal here is that the world is finally getting a bagel emoji. The Emojipedia describes this image as “a bagel, likely to be presented sliced to differentiate from donut / doughnut at small sizes.” Unfortunately, Unicode does not yet have any emoji for cream cheese, lox, or capers... yet.

The other big food additions to the character list are emoji for lobsters, salt, leafy greens, moon cakes, mangoes, and cupcakes. Here are some of mock-ups of what these new emoji might look like, courtesy of the Emojipedia:


Senator Angus King of Maine is particularly excited about that lobster emoji.

Of course, all of the software vendors will create slightly different versions of these characters, and this process can sometimes lead to debates over the correct composition of certain items like cheeseburgers. The Emojipedia notes that the final specifications for this batch of emoji will be released in June, and people will be able to start using them later that month or in early July.

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