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Well, YouPorn Has Now Banned Starbucks From Its Offices

Because Starbucks is blocking porn at its cafes

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Please try not to blush while reading this: Responding to a Starbucks plan to block porn sites, YouPorn has blocked Starbucks.

“Following the news that Starbucks has blocked its customers from searching and viewing adult content within their establishments, YouPorn has updated their company policy banning all Starbucks products from its offices,” reads a statement provided to Eater by the pornography website. YouPorn’s new workplace policy will go into effect January 1, 2019, according to companywide memo issued by vice president Charlie Hughes.

“See your direct manager for any questions,” Hughes says in closing. Working for a porn site: It’s just as boring as any other office job.

YouPorn is a subsidiary of Montreal-based MindGeek, which, per its Wikipedia page, specializes in adult entertainment and information technology. The Starbucks ban comes after the Seattle-based coffee giant announced a plan to install a content filter on the free public Wi-Fi that is available in its cafes. “While it rarely occurs, the use of Starbucks public Wi-Fi to view illegal or egregious content is not, nor has it ever been permitted,” a spokesperson told the Verge. Now that it is facing the ramifications of this announcement, will the company back down and allow horny coffee drinkers the freedom to watch their porn in public?

Starbucks has not responded to an Eater request for comment. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. See the YouPorn memo below.

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