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Does Justin Bieber Even Know How to Eat a Burrito?

For the love of all that is holy, he is eating it sideways

Goodness gracious, what is Justin Bieber doing here? Why is he eating a burrito like this?

That’s an excellent question posed in the tweet from Vice UK’s Ryan Bassil: Does Justin Bieber know how burritos work? Here are his missteps:

  1. Biebs doesn’t appear to have a plate. Burritos are messy, and when consuming one, it’s nice to be able to set it down every now and then in order to use a napkin or sip a beverage. It’s possible to wipe the mouth and take a drink with one hand, but holding a burrito with one hand is a more difficult task.
  2. The burrito isn’t wrapped up. There’s no way of knowing where the dirtcore icon procured this particular burrito, but it’s a safe bet that it was originally wrapped in foil. Leaving the foil on and slowly unwrapping it over the course of the meal helps to hold things together.
  3. For the love of all that is holy, he’s eating the damn thing sideways. This is the whole reason an image of Justin Bieber chowing down on a burrito warrants a blog post. Does he always eat burritos in this manner? It looks like some lettuce or guacamole is poking out the side — is he trying to compensate for a subpar wrapping job? Does Bieber feel like he’s in a rut, and is this his way of breaking out?

After enduring a rough patch that followed breakout childhood stardom, Bieber has been trying to turn his life around. This development is concerning.

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