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Watch Nicole Kidman Eat Four Courses of Bugs

The Oscar-winner is chowing down for Vanity Fair’s ‘Secret Talent Theatre’

If the activists pushing for insects to replace traditional animal proteins are looking for a spokesperson, they should consider Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman. As part of Vanity Fair’s Secret Talent Theatre” video series, Kidman recently tucked into a “four-course meal of bugs.”

“Two billion people in the world eat bugs, and I’m one of them,” Kidman proudly declares between courses.

The meal consists of hornworms and mealworms, both of which are still alive, crickets that appear to be deceased, and, for dessert, fried grasshoppers. Here are some of Kidman’s tasting notes.

On live hornworms

  • “Extraordinary.”
  • “Very moist.”
  • “Chewy.”
  • “Can’t quite describe the flavor.”
  • “Need a little water.”

On live mealworms

  • “That is a fruity taste.
  • “I’d recommend it.”

On crickets

  • “Awesome.”
  • “Like nothing you’ve ever tasted.”
  • “Like a hairy nut.”

On fried grasshoppers

  • “These are amazing.”
  • “These are exquisite grasshoppers.”
  • “I recommend them to anyone.”

As Kidman notes, a large portion of humanity already consumes insects like it’s no big deal, so maybe this shouldn’t be classified as a “secret talent.” Nevertheless, she just might convince a few Americans to change their dietary habits with her enthusiasm.

Watch Kidman enjoy her bug feast via the video above.

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